The Link Between Original Content and Website Growth

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Original content is arguably one of the most important things to utilise when you’re trying to promote or grow a website. It doesn’t matter if your website is a virtual storefront, a blog or even a news website; no matter what you do, the content must be original if you want the most viewers and a high Google page rank. The reason is that Google and other search engines value original content. By creating something new instead of regurgitating someone else’s work, you’re adding to the knowledge of the internet and you’re giving users something new to read or learn from.

This is why Google ranks original content so highly and it’s also why writing is one of the most cost-effective and useful things to outsource. Everyone has their own style of writing and even if you give two people the same subject matter, their styles and content will different enough to be considered original content. If you have a website full of useful information that is relevant to popular searches, Google will love you and rank you highly on their platform.

However, it’s important to understand the link between original content and website growth before you start to hire a legion of writers to work for you. Let’s break it down and go through it step by step on how original content actually helps to improve your website.

What is original content?

Original content is generally anything that you’ve written yourself. For instance, a product description written by you could be original content.  An article about your production process is another form of original content, and blog posts that cover your business activities are also original. In general, the more specialised or personalised something is, the lower the chance there’s a copy of the same subject somewhere else on the internet, hence it receives the title of “original” content.

Does it give me an instant boost?

No. Posting original content is a long-term search engine optimization strategy. Your original content needs to be good enough to be spread and linked to on other websites, and Google takes a while before it recognises that you’ve done something different. By creating original content, you increase your page rank slowly over a long period of time, so don’t expect to see instant returns whenever you purchase an article from a freelance writer.

The dangers of copying content

Another reason why original content is so good is due to the consequences of stealing content. As many people have seen in the past, stealing content is a quick way to getting sued or taken the court. If you want to avoid it, you’ll need to pay heavy fines to make up for the potential damage loss that they could have suffered. Whether it’s an article or even a photo, you can expect to pay a lot of money to cover these costs should you be caught.

Growing a website is all about optimizing your search engine strategy, but a large part of it comes down to creating original content that is worth talking about. If you want to maximise your exposure, make sure you’re creating original content that engages your ideal audience.

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