Essentials For Your Summer Wardrobe

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While it’d be good to be able to tap into every new style and trend, the reality for most of us is that we just can’t afford it! So, it makes sense to focus on the basics when it comes to building up your summer wardrobe, rather than concentrating on whatever is hot in the latest edition of Vogue. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the perennial essentials that every closet should include during the summer months – let’s get started right away.

The crisp white blouse

No matter what your skin tone or whether you are working or out on a social, the crisp white shirt is always a reliable go-to piece for the summer. You can wear it with pretty much anything, it’s timeless, and with a little care and attention – and avoidance of red wine stains! – will last you many summers, not just this one.

Thin knits

Going out on a summer’s evening? You’ll need something to keep you warm when the sun dies down, but at the same time won’t be too thick for the moderate temperatures. The answer is simple – thin knits. Whether it’s a crew neck sweater or a thin, stylish cardigan, lightweight knits are perfect for layering, hug your figure, and will go with just about anything else in your wardrobe.

Floral prints

No one can go through the summer without donning a floral print dress. Whether you pick yours up from the mall or dress boutiques online is up to you, but two or three floral print dresses in a variety of fits are all you need for the long, summer days – and they are always going to be on point, regardless of current trends.

Pleated skirts

Want to make the most of your figure? Whatever you are wearing on top, a pleated skirt will give you the drop-waist silhouette that is always on trend and gives you a fantastic shape. Pleated skirts are loose, airy, and the perfect option for hot summer days and nights.

The one-piece bathing suit

One-piece bathing suits are a lot more flexible than you might think. Sure, you will tend to wear them at the pool or when sunning yourself in your local park, but they can also be combined with skirts or shorts for wearing in the street. A definite ‘must have’ for vacations.

Slip-on sneakers

Heavy shoes are a definite no-no, of course. And one of the most versatile additions to your summer wardrobe is a nice pair of lightweight, slip-on sneakers. Not only can you combine them with jeans and a blouse for a comfy summer look, but they will also be convenient for running out of the door at the last minute!


Let’s be honest, during the summer the whole idea is not to wear much at all. So if you want to infuse your look with a healthy dose of personality, you will need to rely on accessories. Statement necklaces are a must, although, be careful to avoid anything too overbearing. Wrist cuffs are another option, too, and provide a clean finish to your look whether you are in a flowing dress or a pair of denim shorts.

Any more staples to add? Why not share your thoughts below?





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