Outsourcing – The Good, The Bad And The Brilliant

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When you’re working for yourself, the last thing that’s on your mind is using anybody else’s expertise to get you to where you need to be. There’s a certain amount of pride that comes with being self employed; it’s the fact that you’ve gotten to where you are without  the need for outside help. However, there does come a point where you need to accept that it’s probably for the better that you start to look outside of your immediate circle, i.e. yourself in this case, to get on board with what can be offered to help you thrive and progress forward more than you had ever realised you could.

The Good

The good thing about outsourcing is that you can pretty much outsource anything you can think of. Need something as niche as a certified forensic accountant? All you need to do is a quick search online. Know that you need a PA but haven’t got an office to for them to work from? Get on Google and look for a virtual one. That way, you know that you have everything covered to keep your business moving forward. It’s not just the services such as these that are covered, either – take a look around your office and think about what’s costing you money. Things like printing, for example. This is yet another thing which can be outsourced to another company for little charge.

The Bad

There isn’t too much bad about outsourcing, but the one thing that is confusing to those who are new to operating their own business is the fact that there is a lot of paperwork to go with it. There are invoices that will need to be generated, leads that need to be followed up, and if you have employed somebody who hasn’t come highly recommended to you, this could be to your detriment. That’s not to say that those who haven’t got any ratings should be completely avoided, as we all have to start off somewhere – but definitely avoid the ones who are known to slow down your business. Looking for a cheap deal may not be your best bet, either; freelancers can charge high prices for a reason, and that reason is that they’re probably one of the best in their fields. Respect the charge and see what they can do for you.

The Brilliant

With the good comes the brilliant. The main brilliance of outsourcing is that you are potentially saving yourself a good lump of money without truly realising it. The more non-revenue generating tasks that you are passing on to those who can get the job done in little to no time, the more you are opening yourself up to being able to make yourself more and more money. Focusing on the job that you initially set out to do and not letting other things get in the way, such as accounting and admin and every other bit of paperwork that you would usually have to immerse yourself in, is what you need to be doing.

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