What Your Car Says About You


When you decide to buy a new car, you’re usually thinking about cars that you have seen; maybe ones that your friends or relatives have that have attracted your eye. For some people, buying a car takes considerable research, reading through hundreds of reviews to get the overview on mpg, 0-60 stats, running costs, space, etc. What you might not be realizing is that your car says a lot about you. So, when you’re next thinking about buying a car, you might want to consider what the car says about you.

Here are some typical examples:

Fiat 500 

This dinky car is cute and nippy. It likes to get around town and is easy to drive, with parking, in particular, made a lot easier. People who buy the Fiat 500 want a car that they can rely on and don’t want to parade around in big, flashy cars. Fiat 500 drivers are generally modest and both safety and cost conscious but don’t like to compromise when it comes to being stylish.

Audi TT

The Audi TT is sporty and fast off the mark, often leaving other cars in their dust. Not a very practical car, if you are driving an Audi TT, then you probably don’t care too much about getting passengers into your car or doing practical things like getting the shopping into the boot. Audi TT drivers are a bit flashy and like to be the best at most things, if you need a lift, don’t ask an Audi TT driver, as there is room in the back for only the tiniest and most flexible of passengers.

Ford Kuga

 The Ford Kuga is an excellent SUV that is roomy and practical without being overly dull. If you are driving a Kuga, then you are probably doing so for practical reasons like to ferry the kids about, or because you have to carry quite a lot of gear around in your car. That is not to say that you don’t like more stylish models, it just means that practicality is your top priority.

Ford Fiesta Zetec

 The Fiesta Zetec is a great car for keeping costs low and yet still has a modern and stylish vibe. The Zetec Sport is a very popular choice and offers great value for money compared to other sports cars. When you are choosing the Fiesta Zetec, it is usually because you like something a bit sporty, but you refuse to pay the ridiculous prices of some of the other sports models.

A car really does say a lot about its owner and not just when it comes to the model. How you maintain your car inside and out is also a big indicator of your personality. If you’re forever running low on fuel, you’re likely to be someone who doesn’t really plan ahead, and if your car is constantly covered in dirt then you probably don’t really care what people think about you or how you look.

What does your car say about you?


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