Fashion Lessons You Can Learn from Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga might not be the first person who comes to mind when you’re thinking about fashion inspiration. She is, after all, someone who pushes the envelope and goes to extremes with her style, but you can’t deny that she is a major player in the world of fashion, and even if you don’t plan to go to work in a dress made of meat anytime soon, there are some lessons you can learn from her rather unique style…

Pay Attention to Detail

Even when she’s wearing the most outrageous outfits, Lady Gaga looks completely pristine. Not a hair is out of place, a button missing or a shoe scuffed. Take note and ensure that, whenever you leave the house, you are well-groomed, and your outfits are free from stains, rips, and tears. You’ll look much more put together if you do.

Make it Match

Lady Gaga tries to create the illusion that her outfits are thrown together in a few seconds in the dark, but if you look closely at her wardrobe choices, you will see that everything she is wearing matches, even if they match in a less than obvious way on first glance. The lesson is, whatever you’re wearing, try to match at least a few elements, like your shoes and purse, if you want to look like you know what you’re doing.

Good Grooming is Vital

However crazy she might look, Gaga never looks unkempt. Her hair and makeup are always immaculate, she’s always clean and tidy, and you know that she invests lots of time taking care of her appearance.  If you want to look good, good grooming habits are vital to your success.

Don’t Be Afraid to Push the Envelope

You might not want to walk around wearing half an armadillo, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and turn heads wherever you go, there is nothing wrong with pushing the envelope now and again. Try buying a one-of-making outfit, investing in something retro or using Telesis adhesives and removers to apply unique makeup features to your face, for a touch of Gaga that doesn’t go too far.

Dress to Flatter Your Figure

No matter what she wears, Lady Gaga is never seen in an outfit that doesn’t flatter her figure. She knows what her best features are and she dresses accordingly. Sure, you might see more of her butt than is strictly necessary, but it’s a good butt, and that makes all the difference. The lesson is, dress to show off your best bits and camouflage the problem areas and you’ll always look great.

Be Occasion Appropriate

If there’s one thing you can say about Lady Gaga, above everything else, it’s that she could never be accused of being underdressed for any event. You should take a leaf out of her book and if in doubt, dress up rather than down.

Are you a fan of Gaga’s style or do you think she’s pushing it a bit too far?

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