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What is most important to your business to make sure it keeps succeeding and growing? If your answer is your staff then your company is off to a good start! Most of the most successful businesses in the world have got into their position because they value their staff, ensure they retain talent and develop them whenever they can. Obviously, the first step is to actually make sure you get the right team members in the first place. So, here are five steps that will help you out when you are trying to attract the best people in the job market.

Review Your Company Approach

Before you do anything, you will want to make sure you are running your company with the right approach. It is no good recruiting top talent if you are simply going to lose them again very quickly. Ultimately, the recruitment process can be costly and time consuming, so making sure that your company is a place where people actually want to stay should be extremely important to you. You have to ask yourself whether you are doing your utmost to keep your staff in the first place. If not, why not?

Clearly Define the Job Role

When it comes to actually writing out a job description, you need to make sure that it is clear and comprehensive. Include all the relevant information in a way that is easy to digest by using bullet points and sub headers wherever possible. Make sure to ‘sell’ the job beyond the actual pay packet. Employees are looking for what other possible benefits they can get from a company aside from the bottom line, whether this is the chance to improve their skills or opportunities to work flexible hours.

Streamline the Recruitment Process

Top talent doesn’t like to be left waiting around these days. If your recruitment process is too drawn out, then they may well end up accepting another job. Make sure your application form gives you enough information without being too lengthy. Enlist the help of a recruitment company like to take some of the pressure off yourself. Limit the interview stages to a maximum of two as this should give you everything you need to know.

Specifically Target Top Talent

One of the top ways of getting top talent to come to your business is to approach them directly. Find out the types of website they commonly visit, and what the best ways of getting in touch with them are. For example, there are many sites that specialise in particular fields of work. A well placed advert is going to work a lot better than one that is too generalised.

Develop A Good Reputation

If you run a business that people are happy to recommend and that has a good company culture, you are much more likely to be able to recruit others. There are a host of business review websites such as Glassdoor that allow employees to rate companies that they have worked for. If others rank you highly, you are likely to be onto a winner.    

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