How To Run A Restaurant In Six Easy Steps

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Running a restaurant is widely considered to be one of the most riskiest businesses to go into – let’s not even think about how many restaurants end up folding within six months, let alone within a year. The truth is that any business is risky, but there are some things you can do to give your restaurant a fighting chance…

Budget Carefully

The number one way that most businesses go under is mismanagement of finances, so it’s absolutely crucial that you keep an eye on yours. If you aren’t great with numbers, then hire an accountant – no debates about this. It might be expensive but if they manage to keep your business afloat, it will absolutely be worth it.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology might seem confusing and difficult but the truth is that it’s there to make your life easier and there’s no point in wasting your time adding up bills on a calculator or on a second hand old fashioned till – use an Aloha POS system for convenience. If you’re going to splash out on anything outside the kitchen, then technology should be it – it will make the lives of your serving staff ten times easier.

Use Good Quality Ingredients

Contrary to popular belief, good cooking can only elevate poor ingredients a certain amount. You need to make sure that your raw ingredients are high quality. Go to your local markets with your head chef to see what you can find there and to see if you can do any deals with local traders. Use ethical meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products as a selling point and allow the quality of your ingredients to speak for itself.

Keep It Clean And Sleek

The inside of your restaurant should be absolutely squeaky clean – make sure that the kitchen and dining area are scrubbed as often as possible and that you go above and beyond hygiene standards. Make sure that your décor is timeless and elegant – anything too trendy will age and look out of style incredibly quickly. Make sure that the lighting suits your style – golden and intimate for a bistro, bright white for fast food and diners.

Train Your Staff

There’s very little more important than well trained staff in a restaurant. People go out to restaurants for the service as well as the food, so it’s important for them to be greeted with a friendly face by someone who’s well trained and who knows how to interact well with customers. Make sure that you send your serving staff on a customer care course, and make sure that they’re prepared for all situations that they might encounter. They should also be aware of the chain of command and who exactly they report to.

Do What You Do Well

Restaurants should not have extremely long extensive menus. Instead, pick a few things and make sure that you cook them to absolute perfection. Choose five dishes that you can be known for, instead of twenty dishes that you make to a satisfactory standard. Make sure that your chef is good at creating dishes as well as cooking them.

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