Simplify Your Business’s IT In Three Easy Steps


These days, pretty much every business is dependent on IT. More and more consumers are turning to the internet before anything else to find a business they’re looking for, and it’s almost become a given that they’ll be able to make purchases online. Due to these and other factors, one little hiccup in your IT can throw everything into the air. If you’re finding your IT hard to manage, then here are some pointers to help you simplify it.

First of all, start using a cloud productivity suite if you haven’t already. Cloud services such as Microsoft 365 are extremely cheap for the vast amount of services they offer. Document composition and storage, email hosting, contacts, calendars, and many other services will all be at your fingertips when you implement a cloud productivity suite. One of the biggest benefits of implementing cloud-based services is that you don’t need to worry about hosting your own servers. You’ll also be able to enjoy smooth document collaboration from multiple devices, which increases productivity in pretty much any business. Furthermore, most of these services come with professional support which you can always lean on when you run into technical hiccups.

The next important step towards simplifying your IT is switching from a regular phone service to VoIP. If you weren’t already aware, VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. These systems are more or less like Skype, except they’re designed specifically for use within a business. There are various benefits to using business phone and VoIP systems. In the long run, they’re much cheaper than using a normal phone system and come with more features (ring groups, conference calling, caller ID, voicemail). They’re also more portable than a more conventional phone system. For example, a lot of VoIP systems allow you to use them from home or through a dedicated app. Furthermore, if you have a partner or network provider that uses a VoIP system, it can offer an opportunity to minimize the points of contact in the network.

Finally, take steps to streamline your network services and hardware. Your IT is only going to cause you more headaches unless you find a good network provider that’s competent enough to stick around for some time. It’s pretty common to hear business owners moan about all the network issues they’re having to deal with, particularly when it comes to customer service and support. Make sure you look for some trusted, impartial reviews of any network provider you’re considering, and that you buy all of your network equipment from a single vendor. This will ensure that you’ll have some consistency and uniformity when it comes to your management interfaces and that whoever’s in charge of it doesn’t have to learn about multiple different control systems. These days, you can also simplify your IT troubles by choosing a provider that lets you manage the network remotely, through cloud-based tools.


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