WOW Your Online Customers With Eye Catching Product Packaging

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It’s said that a large percentage of online businesses are not utilizing product packaging to it’s full potential. Not only can it protect the products your customers buy online, but it can also be an excellent promotional tool for your company. Unique and attractive packaging has a higher chance of being shared on social media by your customers. This can help market your business and intrigue potential customers. Creating an experience for your customers when they open your packaging can also increase the chance of repeat business. So instead of giving little thought to the way your packaging looks, start creating something that makes a statement.

See what others have created

To begin with, take a look at the product packaging that other people have made. You can do this by searching for packaging ideas on Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram. This can give you an idea of just what can be achieved and get your creative juices flowing. In addition to this, consider your product to help you determine which types of packaging will be most appropriate. If you’re a jewelry company, oversized plastic bags probably aren’t ideal. Look into boxes and bags but also consider branded tissue, stickers and invoices too. These items can enhance the professionalism of your company, while also adding to the design.

Avoid white

When choosing the color or materials for your box or packaging, try to avoid using white. While white boxes with a simple logo do look clean and professional, they tend to get dirty more easily. Whether you use couriers or the postal service, your box or bag will pass through multiple hands and environments. By the time they reach your customer, they may have visible dust and dirt which won’t make them appealing to open. While this can occur with all packaging, it’s more obvious on a white surface. If possible, stick to only using white on the address labels on your packaging. Make sure these are printed using quality printers and Jet Tec Ink to make them clear to read and to avoid fading.

Don’t forget the inside!

While the design on the outside of your box is crucial, don’t forget about the inside too. Branding the inside of your packaging too will only extend the unwrapping experience for your customers. It can be an enjoyable surprise for them to uncover while also making your product look more exciting. Many business owners are failing to see the potential in doing this. So this can give your company a definite edge over your competition. Just ensure that the design on both the interior and exterior works well together. If you need help to do this, enlist the help of a packaging designer. You can give them criteria. Colour scheme and logo and they can assist you in creating something remarkable.

So start creating an unboxing or unwrapping experience for your customers that is worth sharing. See your packaging as more than just a way of providing protection. Use it to promote your business and to impress your customers so much that they continue to return.


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