How To Put Together a Live Event & Get It Right!

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Live entertainment for your business brand is a great chance for some good old-fashioned guerilla marketing. Yes, guerilla marketing is not a new idea. In the past, employees would run out on the street to tell people about offers in their stores. Or, their employers might dress people up in outfits and have them hold signs. These are the old versions of guerilla marketing. Newer forms are often more elaborate and a great deal more interesting. As such, they have the potential to generate a powerful effect. With the right promotion, you can guarantee everyone wants the latest product you are selling when it hits the stores.

So, let’s think about how to make your live entertainment marketing push a home run. There are lots of ways to do this, and I’m going to make sure you hit all the targets.

Open To Everyone

There are a couple of different types of people that you want for your liver entertainment event. You want the press and the media to be present. There’s an easy way to ensure this happens. Send out press releases and make sure they have all the info they want. At the very least, a few reporters will turn up for various news outlets. Make sure that your press release makes it seem like an event that they won’t want to miss. Look at it this way. How many local reporters do you think miss out on attending an event held by Apple?

As well as these key individuals, you need to invite people who already support your business. Loyal fans and customers need to be next on the invite list. These are the people who are going to spread the word across Twitter. They’ll share snaps from the event on Snapchat and keep people updated on Facebook. Some might even keep live blogs to let everyone know what’s happening.

Invite these two types of people and you can guarantee news of the event goes viral. You can then fill the rest of the attendees with influential people, new clients and others that you hope to convert into customers.

All The Equipment

You need to make sure that you have all the equipment ready and organized for the event. The best way to do this is to use the services of a professional corporation and find about about the POET companies. The POET companies and other similar businesses provide everything a company needs to set up a live event. They can even make sure that it trends on social media and reaches the top of the SERPs. Using a service like this, all the bases will be covered.

Special Guests?

Do you want to make sure that your event is a groundbreaking success? You need to hire a known name or celebrity. You can hire most known celebs for events if you have the money to pay for it. You’ll have to go through their talent agency to do this. You’d be surprised which names will show up, for the right price, of course.



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