How Technology Helps Businesses Stay Safe

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When it comes to technology in 2016, it can occasionally be the culprit that is making us less safe. Since the scare of the Millennium bug all those years ago, tech has occasionally succeeded in overpowering us. Phone and email hacking scandals have damaged the reputations of huge public figures. People with ulterior motives online have got us all feeling a little warier. Bank card cloning is a real issue also. The list seems endless.

However, from the gloom, comes some positivity. Technology has also made us all safer in a number of ways. Let’s look at a handful of examples, and how they can impact positively on our businesses.

First of all, we all carry mobile phones with us now. Even grandparents, and even children! This can have its downsides. However, it also has its up. By carrying phones everywhere, we are essentially carrying tracking devices with us everywhere. We can use this to our advantage, by actually turning our phones into tracking devices to keep us safe. You can implement this in business. If you have a workforce who are out about often, it can be very handy. However, you can also use it to ensure your staff get home safely in the evenings. There are apps you can download that allow you to tell you phone when you are leaving work, and when you expect to be home. If you don’t check in again by that point, emergency services are notified. This is just one example of how we can use the technology provided by our phones to make ourselves, our colleagues and our workforces safer.

Of course, mobile phones are a lot smaller in 2016 than they were a few years ago. Many other items of safety-giving technology have also got a lot smaller and less bulky. Take law enforcement equipment, for example. You can now check the identity of people with a handheld ID scanner. This means it is portable, and therefore time saving. On the subject of law enforcement, the development of personal breathalyzers has been fantastic. It allows people to test their alcohol level in advance of driving. This technology has reduced deaths, accidents, and other negative side effects. Plus, as these technological tools advance, more affordable versions become available. This means that more and more people can afford to buy one, which in turn means more people are using them.

CCTV and video monitoring is another fine example of technology making us all safer. You can utilize these developments to your own advantage in your business or place of work. Just as phone trackers help us keep an eye on our staff when they are away from the office, CCTV covers when they are at work. It can be a fantastic deterrent, but means you are also covered if anything does happen. Just be sure to check the rules and regulations about notifying people when they are being watched by CCTV.

However you decide to make it work for you, allowing technology to take care of your, your business and your team is a wise decision.


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