The Latest Trends In Home Decor!

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The Latest Trends in Home Décor

Like fashion, home décor trends are forever shifting and changing. It’s an art from that’s constantly morphing into something new and borrowing from what came before and changin what will come in the future. Here is a little look at what is currently big in the world of interior design.


Not good if you have little kids or big dogs as you just know they are going to be knocked over and whatever is perched on top will break. If you have a well-behaved family, then pedestals make great additions, especially if you just pop one in the corner and place a beloved heirloom on top of it.


With the rise of freelancing and people working from home, a good office space is becoming a necessary in any modern home and gone are the days of working anywhere you can find with a laptop perched precariously on your lap. People are making a real effort to turn their desk space into a mini work of art with decoration and taste shining through. It gives a room a modern 21st century take as well as making a difference when trying to get work done. It’s always easier to work on a nice desk then some cheap plastic monstrosity from Ikea.

 Funky Radiators

Since the invention of the radiator they have been a necessary evil in our homes, with no one ever trying to make them appealing to look at. They’re big, bulky, imposing and look stupid when you paint them. Luckily, manufacturers have started to take notice and Warm Rooms have started selling radiators that are designed with elegance and modernity in mind.

 Mixed Metals

Just like the fashion world, mixed metals are all the rage inside the home as well; whereas the catwalk is full of brass and rose gold bracelets and arm cuffs, the home is combining metals or metallic colours of all hues to give it a classy, modern look. It can be as simple as a piece of wall art or pillow covers with various metallic shade gradients.

 Fabric Walls

I don’t mean tear your walls down and hang some cloth in their stead like a sultan’s tent. Fabric wall art coverings are very fashionable right not and they also make the whole room cosier. Calmer, muted colours are becoming popular again after the bright contrasts that have been all the rage for the past few years. These soft patterns are a great addition to any room, especially bedrooms.

 Patterned Bed Linens

Monochrome bedding is so last year, darling. The US is currently leading the charge in patterned bedding. If there’s a pattern, it can be found on bedding. Just be careful you pick something classy, otherwise in a year or two when the fashion has changed you’ll be left with something tacky and useless.

There you have it, the top interior design trends of 2016, only time will tell which of these will go the distance and which ones are just passing fads, doomed to be forgotten in a few short months.

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