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There are some people who are famous for no clear reason that I can think of *cough* The Kardashians* cough. Then there are some famous people who worked damn hard to make their way to the top. They are very wise, and we can definitely learn a thing or two about them. Let’s take a look:

Will Smith

Will Smith is a very wise man. He started rapping from a young age, but stopped swearing when his Grandma found his notebook. She left him a note telling him he could get his message across without that language, and he took her advice. He’s a firm believer in the law of attraction, and could easily be a life coach if he wanted to. He’s so full of inspiring phrases. The take away? A positive attitude can take you places. And always listen to your grandma.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is a funny guy. Any film he’s starred in will tell you that much. However, he wasn’t always a famous actor. He knew what he wanted, so he worked hard. He also used the law of attraction like Will. He says he wrote himself a check for $100,000 and kept it in his wallet. He also used visualisation techniques. Soon after that he landed the role of Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. He also got a real check for $100,000! The take away? Your mindset is everything!

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is one of the best business men of all time. However, he didn’t wake up one day and decide to start a successful business. He had a ton of ideas, and decided not to give up until one of them worked. He has many failed business ideas, but many successful ideas too. The take away? Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid of failure. Go after what you want! You can find more inspiring people like Richard Branson on Just Richest by Net Worth.


Oprah doesn’t need an introduction. She’s Oprah for crying out loud! Oprah is another fan of the LOA (are you seeing a pattern here?), and look where it’s taken her in life. Oprah can teach us more life lessons than I could ever list here. The take away? Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Don’t give up. Live your life full of love!


Jay-Z is one of the biggest names in rap, and married to one of the most gorgeous and talented women in pop music. Almost everybody knows his name. The lessons we can learn from him? Hustle hard. Be silent and let success be your noise. Demand respect. Dream big. Stay focused.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a great businessman and leader, so of course he had to make the list. What can we learn from him? Give back to people. Have fun. Read a lot!

Will you use some of the lessons from these famous people in your own life? What life mottos do you live by? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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