Creative DIY Projects to Work on this Winter!

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The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting much colder. Winter is well and truly on its way. With all those dark nights, I seem to find myself staying in more and curling up on the sofa. While it is nice to feel cosy and chill out sometimes, most of the time we want to be kept busy. If you do find yourself staying indoors more often than you want to be, take it as a chance to get creative. There are plenty of awesome DIY projects to keep you busy this winter. With some of the ideas bleow might need certain skills to get you started, but with others you can begin straight away. See what grabs your attention below.

Bird feeder

If you have a large garden and want to introduce some beautiful wildlife into it, try making a bird feeder or bird cake. There are simple designs to much more intricate, depending on how crafty you are feeling. If you are a budding photographer, you can use this opportunity to snap some gorgeous shots of the birds feasting in your garden.


I see so many women, young and old, knitting these days. And every time I see them doing  it makes me want to learn. If you already know how to knit, use the next few months to create some amazing items. You can even set yourself the challenge of making your friends Christmas presents with your skills. If you can’t knit, why don’t you give it a go? Things like blankets, jumpers, hats, scarves and even babies booties will soon be a part of your knitting repertoire.

Halloween costumes

You haven’t got much time left for this one, so you really need to get planning soon. Some of the coolest Halloween costumes I have seen involve cool makeup. I have seen skeleton and zombie makeup that looks so realistic. Start practising your makeup skills now. Alternatively, think about ways you can turn your old clothes into a spooky costume. If you have kids, you can think about hand making costumes for them. You can purchase things like lace and fabrics online here:

Upcycle furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture that is crying out for a makeover? Or perhaps you have just decorated a room and your favourite piece of furniture no longer matches. It is time to upcycle! Sometimes all you need to do is give it a lick of paint. Or if you are feeling more ambitious, you could reupholster an item. Whatever you decide on, you will be so happy and pleased with yourself in the end. Having turned something old (and useless?) into something fresh and stylish is a great achievement.

Learn to play an instrument

Bonus project! This isn’t necessarily something that is a DIY project, but it is something that will fill your time nicely. If you have always been envious of other people’s musical talents, it is time to pick up some of your own. Choose the instrument you want to learn to play and spend the next few months working on it. By the end of the winter, you will be on your way to becoming the next Mozart or Hendrix.


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