Learning To Play An Instrument When Inspiration Is Dry!

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I had the most exciting creative coaching session with one of my spunky and talented clients three weeks ago. We were trying to figure out how to get her out of a creative rut that has been taking over her world. We were brainstorming ideas and nothing jazzes me up more than a brainstorming sesh. I had a little idea  for getting over the hump. I told her to revisit her love for music and tackle her teenage dream of learning how to play the guitar. She gave me a wide-eyed crazy look and paused for a minute. She said that perhaps the out of the box suggestion would shake things up. We finished sipping our mocha cappuccino and continued our amazing breakthrough session. Fast forward to this morning when I received an email from my spunky rock star telling me that she was on her third guitar lesson.  What’s even more amazing is that she started writing again. Now this is the stuff I love to hear.

Creativity is a funny little thing, but one thing is for sure:  it has the power to create magic. The idea of learning how to play an instrument may be daunting for some, but if we go about the discovery with an open mind to where the journey will lead, you’ll be surprised to discover the talented gifts you can tap into. Perhaps you have an inner Jimmy Hendrix or Kenny G….yep, Kenny G! Don’t let the bigger picture stop you from dusting off the old recorder or, in my case, xylophone (long story). It’s about being present and allowing you to play. So be brave. Be bold and just go ahead and do it!

You Sharpen Your Mind

When you learn to play an instrument, you sharpen your mind automatically. Your focus improves, so you feel more able to focus on other things as well as your music and playing that instrument. Mental clarity is a huge benefit of learning to play an instrument.

Practice Discipline

We could all do with a little more discipline, whether that’s refusing to hit the snooze button when we get out of bed in the morning or resisting that fattening chocolate cake. As learning to play an instrument requires much more discipline to stick at, you’ll have tons of the stuff for your future endeavors.

Learn an Impressive Skill

Playing a musical instrument is impressive. Although you should do this for you and nobody else, you can’t deny that it’s nice to wow people from time to time. You could play your instrument for friends and family, as well as perform on open mic nights and talent shows.

Your Memory Improves

Playing an instrument helps you to improve your memory and the information you retain. You’ll find that you forget things less and remember more!

Improve Your Coordination

Playing an instrument requires the right finger movements, hand movements, and sometimes breathing. This means you must be perfectly coordinated to achieve the sound that you desire. Your overall coordination tends to improve when you practice playing an instrument!

Learn in a Way That Suits You

There is a ton of ways you can learn an instrument. You can teach yourself via tutorials online, or even go for bespoke music tuition. There’s a way to suit each type of individual learner and every budget.

Helps Self Expression

Playing an instrument is a wonderful form of self-expression. You can write your own music, songs, and play the songs that you love. There’s no better feeling that playing the songs that inspire you all on your own.

It’s a Great Form of Stress Relief

If you’re feeling stressed, don’t go for junk food or alcohol. Grab your instrument instead! Many people find playing their favorite songs relaxing and an awesome form of stress relief.

Make Friends for Life

There are so many ways an instrument can help you to make friends. If you take classes, you might meet people who have the same interests as you. You might decide to set up a band. You might even want to join an orchestra! You have so many options and each one allows you to practice your social skills and make new friends.

Hopefully, by now you agree that everybody should revisit their inner musician. It’ll bring happiness to you and others around you, and most importantly you’ll go on a path of creative discovery that will tap into the other layers of the artist in you.

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