It’s a Woman’s World With No Filter!

I was recently  invited to be a part of the Alicia  Menendez Tonight Show on the new Fusion Network. She has a segment on her show which is dedicated to girl talk and let me tell you, it gets juicy. It reminds me of the type of girl talk you see on “Sex and The City”.


Panel Two P

The moment I hoped that I didn’t insert foot in mouth

When I started to get calls from CNN En Español and Fusion for these types of  show segments I had to be honest with myself. At first I was a little intimidated because when you’re sincere about your personal life in the media you run the risk of running into downfalls and interesting personal scenarios with your family and friends. I had to have the uncomfortable conversation with my parents and setting up their expectations for the type of things they may hear their only daughter talk about. “Papi, just close your ears if you hear the word sex, ok!”. I’ve also had to sit down with my hubby because he was concerned about what his free-spirited, no filter wife was going to divulge concerning our personal life. Some ground rules were set and I just hope that in the midst of the exciting girl talks I can stick to them.


Panel Pink


On the last AM Tonight show, we talked about  makeup sex vs. break up sex and which of the two are better? It’s an interesting subject because I can argue both sides of the situation but for the sake of the show I  gave my perspective on why break up sex is so hot. It’s a complex scenario when we get down to it but when you only have 2 minutes to give your side this is what happened……


Life Lesson:

I’ve learned so much lately about putting my  personal life out there and I’ve experienced the highs and lows in a short period of time on what could happen when you have no filter. Of course, I have to be sensitive to the people in my life and be aware of how it could affect them. I’ve also heard positive feedback from viewers from the show as well as from listeners everywhere.

So here’s to more grains of salt, more punches to roll with, putting it all out there and hoping it doesn’t kick me in the a**!


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