All You Have To Do Is Jump!

Ocean finalHow many times do you find yourself stuck in a rut or perhaps you find yourself feeling a little stale with lack of inspiration? What  reasons do you use to stand still and not go for what you truly want in life? It could be as simple as taking a dance class or becoming a photographer but can you name the roadblocks you create? I have come to grips with the excuses I use to not accomplish my goals and that type brutal honesty has me giving my other self an attitude for not sugar-coating it. Some of it is rooted in fear, failing or fear of change and the list goes on. Sometimes it takes a little courage and blind faith to break the walls of our predictability. It could be a terrifying to be honest with ourselves as to why we aren’t getting the things we so truly desire. I have a dream board that I use to not let me forget what I’m truly after and thankful for it because it’s a daily kick in the butt to get moving.

After shaking the blues off I was presented with the opportunity to get Scuba Certified and thought that it was the perfect opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and grab life by its ………you know what I mean. Of course I was terrified and came up with millions of reasons not to do it but I was not going to back down from something that could potentially be life changing.  A little guts goes a long way and after one week I received my certification. And a week later I was with my good friend Jenny, swimming with sharks. Don’t believe me, check out the pic below.

I’m not saying to go be shark bait to get you back on track to what truly inspires you. That was just the chance I had to take to  step out of my comfort and get back on track.  So when you feel a little down and need to shake things up in your life, find a little courage because all you have to do is jump.


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